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Premiere: Stones Taro - Ride on the Ride

The Kyoto-based producer will release a new EP on Friday with the purpose of getting you to dance.
Stones Taro

Stones Taro

Kyoto-based producer Stones Taro will release his new EP Pump this Friday and we are happy to premiere a jacking cut from it today “Ride On The Ride."

The track gets to it right from the start. As he explains, this one is “for body, it’s to dance to” and it delivers on those notes. A vocal demands you “get the fuck up” with a flurry of percussion, some tough acid, breaks and some occasional club rhythms. This is not for the faint of heart and designed to get you moving.

"I represented the initial impulse in my career with this EP. It’s for body, it's to dance to," explains Stones Taro.

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Stones Taro has established himself in Kyoto as a producer taking old school breakbeats and UK garage and adding a local twist for the Japanese market. Blending house, acid and other disparate influences, his music is something to keep an eye on as we move into hopefully a better 2021. Having already released on YAM Records' BAM offshoot and Scuffed Records in 2020, he is putting together a busy year.

The rest of the four-track EP Pump will be released this Friday, November 27. Listen to “Ride On The Ride” now exclusively below via London's Highball Records.

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