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Spotlight: Get Grammy Nominated Mixing & Mastering Services With EXMMSTUDIO

Exceptional service at a affordable price. Rates start at $150.

Getting a great mix and master on a song can take it from sounding good, to sounding great. There are few things worse in music than writing a great record, having a ton of beautiful parts arranged together, but you can’t get them to sound just right. This is where you need some outside help to mix and master the song to bring the very best out of it. Or if you have spent days trying to tune a snare and need another set of ears, getting another professional’s opinion can be crucial.

There are a ton of options out there, but EXMM Studio is a low cost option that can used today. With budgets tightening that, getting quality work at a good price is vital. The first track can be mixed and mastered for $150. Ples Jones, the head of the studio, was professionally trained by Gary Gray, an award-winning Composer/Songwriter/Producer/Engineer and voting member of the Recording Academy in LA. He does all genres. You can learn more on their website where there are samples to listen to, testimonials and contact information. 

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