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Spotlight: Top 4 High-End Car Audio Brands

Brands that make your car bump.

Just bought a new car? Well, check the audio system that is embedded in your beast. If the sound quality is not up to the mark, you would have to find the next one that is proficient enough to produce the sound you desire.

Many of the inbuilt speakers cannot produce a good sound, especially by those on second-hand sales. The smart move you can try-out while buying a used car is to get a Revs check. Generally, the flaw in the sound system is that the car owners have to balance the finance. The history report generated helps you perform the financial inspection, write-off details, registration check, and more.

You might wonder who the good manufacturers of the sound system are. Here are some of the brands that you might look onto.


Many consider Pioneer to be a leading brand in terms of providing the sound system to the vehicles. With Pioneer, you can enjoy techno tracks, college rock, folk punk and indie rock while driving. If you begin comparing the Pioneer system to others, you will be in awe getting to know about the additional features it has kept in its system and all the other features you have in your stock system.

It offers the service to a wide range of vehicles. Primarily, some of the vehicle brands like Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Jeep use Pioneer, and until now, there have not been many aggravated complaints regarding the system. In fact, the Pioneer products are vehicle specific, and there is no doubt that you will find the sound system according to the match of the brand you use. There is a cleaner look after you are done with the installation. Moreover, you can also purchase additional features in order to make your audio system complete. You can install some of them like the head unit, dash kit, and amplifiers.

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When it comes to affordability along with the high quality, JBL’s speaker is the right one to have. Still, the company is making a march to expand its services and has been in a fine-tune that can actually provide some compact solutions. As a matter of fact, this is most suitable for smaller vehicles.

JBL also serves a vast range of vehicles. There is numerous equipment for car audio that the company offers. You may find some of them to be in the form of amplifiers, processors, speakers, and subwoofers. Furthermore, if you are looking for midrange speakers and considering having one, it can actually give you the quality you have been looking for.


Kenwood is often called a brand that has established a standard of the United States' audio system. Each year, new products are coming into the market, and Kenwood is the leading one to do so. Along with individual components and sound systems, they lead the market with a potent technological capability. The flexibility it offers has been a great boon to the company in finding a wide range of customers and car users looking for a qualitative sound system.

There is a division to the product line in Kenwood. In fact, you will find every individual component required to the vehicles in improving a sound system. Some of these are multimedia, navigation, receivers, speakers, amplifiers, and cameras. All these features will benefit the hardcore audiophile looking for a custom setting. All they need to do is compare the components of speakers and finally pick one.


Being one of the pioneers and oldest companies, Sony has a reputation for providing the best sound system that any car owner could desire. When it comes to using the speaker made from Sony, you can find it in vehicles, personal audio devices, and homes. You can see the multipurpose usage of Sony in everyday life.

Sony has a diverse line for its product. Besides it being used in the car, it has been widely used in the home. Indeed, you can have your own home theatre or use the Sony systems to make your own movie.

Well, you cannot disregard its usage in the car brands. For Ford, they have special OEM equipment. Considering upgrading your Ford or looking for a new brand? Then you can try for the aftermarket parts which can be cheaply available. Some of them are speakers, players, receivers, and amplifiers.

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