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Tunisian Producer  Khadija Al Hanafi Explores Footwork, Jazz & House On New Album 'Slime Patrol'

Fast paced and quick, this album wastes no time moving through samples and various genres.
Khadija Al Hanafi

Tunisian producer Khadija Al Hanafi has released her new album Slime Patrol on LA/Marseille-based label Fada Records.

The record is a fast-paced exploration of footwork, jazz, soul and house featuring the likes of DJ Earl, Velvetian Sky and Ted Kamal. It is also full of samples like on “Flocka,” which samples Waka Flocka Flame and his infamous video of him ad-libbing in the booth.

The songs on Slime Patrol are between a minute or two, so they move quickly between themes, ideas and sounds. There is the smooth jazz on “Baklava Dance Club” that gets broken up by Waka’s loud “bows,” before we get more smooth jazzy footwork on “Walk Wit Me” alongside DJ Earl.

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The project flies by with its smooth rhythms and quick pacing so put this on and get dancing. It is available now on Bandcamp

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