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Baauer Drops Free Mixtape 'The Boptape' With Tracks From Twitch Streams, Announces 'PLANET'S MAD' Deluxe Album



Baauer has released a 19-track mixtape, The Boptape, of tracks that he made over various Twitch streams over the past several months. The mixtape is a collection of remixes, bootlegs, rough ideas and samples that he has reworked into a project with some odd vocal shouts on the edges.

As one might expect, many of the tracks he works with are rap songs, remixing Gucci Mane on “Yank 2 Diddy Style,” DMX’s Get It On The Floor” on “The Sherriff Of Midi” and other tunes by the likes of Drake and Ambjaay. There is plenty else on this, like a sample of “Renegade Master” on “Depop Damaga” and even a touch of jersey club with “Baauer Cardio Hit That Ass.”

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The mixtape is hosted by comedian Patti Harrison (Shrill). It is available for free on his website and on Bandcamp.

On the Twitch streams, Baauer was joined by the likes of Kenny Beats, Hudson Mohawke, Nina Las Vegas, Flume, Rebecca Black, RL Grime & Boys Noize.

In addition to The Boptape, Baauer is releasing a deluxe edition of his 2020, Grammy-nominated album PLANET’s MAD, that will arrive on a Blue Ray, so you can watch the visual released at the same time as the album. There will be more visuals as well, featuring an archive of Baauer's music videos with the work of Hiro Murai (Atlanta), Eric Wareheim, Nabil, Jonathan Zawada and the late Thomas Rhazi alongside an animated Baauer live show, seen through the eyes of an alien in the mosh pit.

There will be eight remixes by Special Request, A. G. Cook, umru, Holly, Skeler and Cozway. PLANET'S MAD - Globe's Crazy Edition will be released on December 17. 

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