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Bandcamp Extends Bandcamp Fridays Into May 2021

Bandcamp will continue to waive their revenue share on sales the first Friday of each month into next year, except for January.
Bandcamp Fridays

Bandcamp is extending their very popular Bandcamp Fridays into 2021.

Every Friday since last March, Bandcamp has waived their revenue share on sales through the platform, supporting artists who sell music and march. In total, 800,000 fans have raised $40 million dollars for artists and labels.

This started in March because of the financial ramifications of the pandemic that eliminated live music income. Almost all artists make almost no money from streaming, so Bandcamp has stepped up.

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An average of 93% of money from purchases after processing fees goes to the artist/label on Bandcamp Fridays. Every other day of the year, average of 82% goes to the artist/label. 

Bandcamp Fridays will continue as the first Friday of each month, except for January.

The Bandcamp Fridays will be the following dates:

February 5
March 5
April 2
May 7

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