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Detroit's Marble Bar Launching Record Label Wax2Max With Pandemic Employee Benefit Compilation

The compilation will feature the likes of DJ Minx, Ellen Allien, Delano Smith, Terrence Dixon, Kate Simko & others.
Wax2Max Marble Bar Detroit Pandemic Relief Compilation

Detroit’s Marble Bar has launched a record label Wax2Max. The first release is a new compilation Pandemania Relief with the aim of raising money to keep the club open and paying employees who have not been able to work because of the pandemic.

The 33-track compilation will be released this Friday, December 11. It features the likes of DJ Minx, Ellen Allien, Delano Smith, Terrence Dixon, Kate Simko and others.

A handful of tracks are available to listen to on Bandcamp now where the full comp can be pre-ordered now.

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A venerated house and techno institution in the city, it is important to take care of those who make the business go. Support this compilation is you can and get some quality music in the process.


01. Afriqua - Groundfloor
02. Alexi Delano - The Last Dance
03. Amen Andrews - Riotously Rhapsodic Rhythms
04. Andrés - John C Lodge Cruise
05. Anja Schneider - Hometown
06. Ataxia & Mister Joshooa - Adult Use
07. Brian Kage - Limitless
08. Chuck Daniels - Traffic
09. Cosmin Trg - Celestial
10. Delano Smith - Travels
11. Dj Minx - Do It Anyway
12. Dj T-1000 - Ne Plus Ultra
13. Ellen Allien - Gender Fluid
14. Erika - A Cellular Meltdown (BMG Club Edit)
15. Hotwaxx Hale, CCC Square - Don't Cry 4 Me
16. Juju & Jordash - De School (Live)
17. Kate Simko - Two Yous
18. Kevin Reynolds - Behind It All
19. Lord Scrummage & Erno The Inferno - The Key (Erno The Inferno Remix) feat. Lisa Stocking)
20. Loren - Beat2beatcoast2coast
21. Luke Hess & Jeff Hess - Epistle
22. Mop & Sonia - Tribal Dance
23. Move D - Princess And The Table Cloth
24. Nitin - Lingo
25. Norm Talley - Iso-vision
26. Osunlade - Synesthesia
27. Rebecca Goldberg - The Moon Is High And So Am I (Inner Worlds Rework)
28. Ryan Crosson - Seqqs
29. Shaun Reeves - D- Love
30. Terrence Dixon - Off Linwood
31. Terrence Parker - Optimistically
32. The Bernabela Project - Magnetize
33. Todd Osborn - Snap-Tite

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