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Interview: PENNYWILD On Merging Dance, Tech & Music With The Penny Pad, Creating New EP 'MIDI In Motion'

Los Angeles-based choreographer & producer, Pennywild combines dance and music in ground-breaking new ways with her new EP 'MIDI in Motion.'


PENNYWILD, born Penny Wildman, started as a choreographer in theatrical performances such as London’s prestigious West End in the iconic Broadway musical, West Side Story.

Penny left her degree in Bachelor Of Fine Arts behind in New Jersey and pursued her dream in music in Los Angeles. Her life changed after going to a music festival in Los Angeles and witnessing the artist Grimes. PENNYWILD expresses that at a festival in 2015 was when she started to notice the music and musician. From that moment on, PENNYWILD would go on to find her path as a musician and producer while staying true to her choreographer roots. I got the opportunity to chat with PENNYWILD about almost everything; from the beginning of her creative professional life to her five-track EP, MIDI in Motion on Dome Of Doom, which used her patent-pending Penny Pad. 

PENNYWILD describes what the Penny Pad is and how she created this human-sized, MIDI music-producing, dance movement controller pad. She also tells viewers what she has been up to during COVID and how she got creative with ways to make money during the pandemic. PENNYWILD started another business in her brand, Pennywild Music, establishing another branch that is committed to providing other creatives such as choreographers and artists digital marketing.

A few days ago, PENNYWILD just released the choreography that she did for DJ and producer, Zedd & Griff's new music video called, "Inside Out."

Watch our full chat here:

Update 12/17/2020: PENNYWILD also came out with a music video for one of the tracks on MIDI in Motion, "Intro: A Dancer’s World," which you can view below.

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PENNYWILD also lets us know what she's been listening to and names one video where it highlights a choreographer:

1. Gioli & Assia

2. YENDRY — Barrio

3. Choreographer Parris Goebel on TroyBoi "Do You?"

4. Bree Runway 


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