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Magnetic Mix 126: Shanghai Restoration Project

The Brooklyn-based duo mix together 80's influenced synthwave, indie pop, subtle house music and more.
Shanghai Restoration Project

Shanghai Restoration Project

Genre-bending multidisciplinary electronic duo, Shanghai Restoration Project will release their new album Brave New World Symphony next week. Brooklyn based electronic duo of Dave Liang and Sun Yunfan, the pair combine a dizzying number of influences from folk, to synthesized electronic music, to choral music, Chinese instrumentation and hip-hop all into a unique blend. The new album meshes all of that together with the claustrophobic feeling of being stuck in their Brooklyn apartment during COVID isolation. It is an album filled with unease and change as the world has changed and been upended around us.

With the LP coming out next Friday, we asked Shanghai Restoration Project to make a Magnetic Mix for us. It is an hour-long mix of sumptuous synthwave, indie pop, subtle house music and more, all blended together in an unexpected way.

“Just like 2020, our mix starts out at a relatively dependable pace and then takes you on an unpredictable ride,” say the duo of their mix.

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Listen to the mix below for a soothing start to the stretch run of 2020. Pre-order Brave New Order Symphony before it is released on December 11 here.


1. Hielektromen - Lay Down (00:00)
2. Genius of Time - Juno Jam (02:24)
3. Ponzu Island - Super Koto - Original Mix (08:32)
4. Bjørn Torske - Nitten Nitti (13:04)
5. Koichi Shimizu - Jenjira's River - Fever Room (18:00)
6. Leah Dou - GSG (19:36)
7. Shanghai Restoration Project - Quest for the Silver Bullet (23:20)
8. E Ruscha V - Who Are You (27:36)
9. KZA - Le Troublant Acid (32:24)
10. Haruomi Hasono - Sports Men” (スポーツマン) (34:26)
11. Susumu Yokota - Song of the Sleeping Forest (38:26)
12. Steve Reich - Drumming - Four Tet Remix (42:36)
13. Beverly Glenn-Copeland - In the Image (49:22)
14. Cluster - Zum Wohl (53:37)

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