Magnetic Mix 128: Indira Paganotto

The Spanish techno DJ mixes up some techno to get you through the holidays.
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Indira Paganotto

Indira Paganotto

Spanish techno DJ Indira Paganotto is ready to enter 2021 with another exciting chapter in her career – starting her own imprint. This month she launched her own imprint, Phase Insane Records, which will be a platform to champion up-and-coming techno artists – as well as being a home for her own music. She has released music on Octopus Records, Copycow, refused and Frequenza and now will have her own outlet to release music.

The first release is a joint EP with Unkle Fon titled Wolf Land that includes remixes from Flug and Ricardo Garduno. The EP is available to pre-order on vinyl here and will be released sometime later this month. Every release on the label will be available on vinyl and digitally.

“The romanticism of having a physical EP is so important for me, and the covers will all be miniatures of real paintings by the Madrid artist David Morago,” says Paganotto. “It is a passion project in which each and every release is the product of a very personal vision, out of all normal markets and clichés.”

With the new label and EP on the horizon, Paganotto made us a Magnetic Mix to showcase some of her favorite new artists and some of her own music as well. With the holidays coming, here is some techno to get you through the season.


1. Charlotte Isabelle - Bad Rocks
2. Temudo - You have beautifull highs
3. JSSL - Blush
4. Yant - Inner Circle
5. Bionoid - Spatial Disorder
6. Dustin Zahn - The Organ Trail
7. Sev Dah - Daimonic
8. Phara - Great Attractor
9. Schacke - Met Her At The Herrensauna (Dj Ibon's Club Mix)
10. Indira Paganotto- Vergine
11. Indira Paganotto - Yellow Lambo
12. Indira Paganotto - Suzuki
13. Fabian Wegmeth - Empty Dreams
14. Astronomy Domine - Corto
15. Bionoid - Steam
16. Kaiser - Reckless Men
17. Maxime Iko - Cure
18. Aida Arko - Kikkuofo
19. Cyb - Jagged Cliffs 

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