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Nils Frahm Releases Live Album & Film 'Tripping With Nils Frahm'

The live album was recorded over four different live shows at Funkhaus Berlin in December 2018.
Nils Frahm

Nils Frahm

Nils Frahm has released his live album Tripping With Nils Frahm, which was recorded over four different gigs in December 2018 at Funkhaus Berlin at the beginning of his All Melody tour.

The eight-track, 75-minute album is built around tracks from All Melody, stretching them out for a live performance. The performance makes his tracks feel more alive. There are moments where you can barely hear the songs before they slowly build into an emphatic crescendo that makes it even more satisfying.

The recording was done over four nights and in doing so, they could piece together the very best from each night. Nils Frahm describes why they decided to do it this way.

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"It was about time to document my concerts in picture and sound, trying to freeze a moment of this period where my team and I were nomads, using any method of travel to play yet another show the next day,” explains the Icelandic composer. “Maybe tonight is the night where everything works out perfectly and things fall into place? Normally things go wrong with concerts, but by combining our favorite moments of four performances, we were able to achieve what I was trying to do in these two years of touring: getting it right!”

The album also was recorded on video as well. It was produced by Leiter in association with Plan B Entertainment and is out now via the curated online cinema MUBI.

Stream the concert below and get your copy via Erased Tapes + see where to view the LP here.

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