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Worst Of Nextdoor: Sorting Through Peggy Gou & Daniel Wang Drama

Sorting out the latest internet drama between DJ neighbors that has spiraled out of control.
Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou

I wasn’t sure if this nonsense about Peggy Gou deserved any words, but since it got a response from her and has somewhat spiraled out of control into rampant misogyny, then it seemed to be wise to write something. It breaks down to a neighbor dispute between two DJs in Berlin. Yes, that sounds like a terrible sitcom written in a DJ meme Facebook group, but here we are, nobody has gigs and it is nearly Festivus so grievances are being aired. Daniel Wang, a DJ and producer in Berlin, wrote in a very long post accusing his former neighbor Peggy Gou of being abusive and narcissistic, having a ghost producer (accusations almost every successful woman DJ has to deal with) and being a not nice person.

If you wanted to cancel every musician who wasn’t nice 100% of the time, was mean to their assistant or was a diva, there wouldn’t be any stars left. If those agents want to speak out and share their stories to back things up, they can absolutely come out and say their piece. Otherwise, a lot of this is just gossip and rumor.

The post does devolve when he decides to criticize her for wearing nice clothes, makeup and taking pictures of herself for Instagram (as if every dude DJ doesn't do that, but worse). That drags this into what women DJs have to deal with all the time where onlookers are more concerned with the their appearance than their craft. Gou does jokingly admit in her comments that she does have too many shoes. Zedd also has a massive shoe closet, which he shows off frequently on social media, so maybe that deserves some similar criticism of his large LA mansion?

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Are there a few valid criticisms of her career buried deep within this post? Sure. Her playing MDL Beast was something that no DJ should have done, and her response to the criticism was off hand and not particularly good either. However, she was not the only one who performed in Saudi Arabia or for their digital festival this year. The likes of David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Nora En Pure, Martin Garrix, & Eagles & Butterflies & others all took the Saudi blood money.

Should DJs have been playing gigs in Europe over the summer given the spike in cases and deaths this fall? Probably not, especially if they were indoors, but that is on promoters as well since the local governments allowed them.

Then there is the issue of Sub Club. Her business partner, Usman Khushi, is quite wealthy and a part owner of the Glasgow Club. She partnered with Jaigermeister to “Save The Night” to support clubs and their workers. The first donation for the initiative was given to Sub Club. When the drinks company found out, they cancelled the donation because of the conflict of interest.

However, these are all buried in the post beneath neighbor squabbling, discussion of her looks and her alleged treatment of others that has allowed jealous misogynists to latch on. No one has to be a fan of her art and there have been some past missteps, but airing out personal grievances like this helps no one. 

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