Spotify Releases 2020 Wrapped For Listeners

See how good your taste in music was over the past year.
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Spotify Wrapped 2020

Spotify has released their 2020 wrapped for listeners. It is now available for Spotify users to check out, initially seemingly only on the mobile app. You can see your top songs on the desktop app and website, but to see the full batch of information like who your favorite artists are, how many genres you listened to (I listened to 948), your top artists and more, that is all in a new story feature in the mobile app. 

There is also a look at your favorite podcasts, which makes sense given Spotify's investment in podcasts over the past few years. On the page you can see the most streamed artists of the year like Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, Dua Lipa and others.

UPDATE: Wrapped is now available on desktop and should be in your emails.

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