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Ever been stuck for ideas in the studio and fallen out of the flow?

There's nothing more frustrating than staring at your DAW and waiting for inspiration to take hold. Melody Sauce is the perfect VST/AU plugin to spark your creativity and help you get the starting point for your next great melody.

‍Simple, intuitive controls provide you with endless possibilities. You guide the outcome based on your selections, generating impressive results that work across any genre.

‍With a quick and easy workflow, Melody Sauce will become an integral part of your creative process and help keep your sessions moving at pace.

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No two melodies are the same.

None of the musical phrases that Melody Sauce creates are pre-programmed. Complex algorithms and easy to understand controls combine to make unique MIDI melodies every time you click to generate.

Simply connect Melody Sauce to your favourite software instrument and start creating melodies based on the settings you choose, then drag and drop the MIDI file into your project.

You don't need advanced music theory knowledge to get great results with Melody Sauce, just your ears. Find out more and purchase here now. 

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