Terrace Martin Releases Holiday EP 'Village Days' With Songs Under Dinner Party, Gray Area & The Pollyseeds Aliases

Terrace Martin has fresh batch of jazz, soul and hip-hop for your holidays.
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Terrace Martin

Terrace Martin

Producer and musician Terrace Martin has released a new holiday EP Village Days. The seven-track EP spans his various musical projects, Gray Area, The Pollyseeds, Dinner Party and of course music as himself. He also has a cover Brandy’s “Always On My Mind,” working Alex Isley on the cover.

It opens with the chilled and poignant hip-hop track “Neighborhood” about the challenges of life in LA. He unlocks Gray Area for a full on jazz number “The Voice Of King Nipsey.”

He keeps that up with a smooth cover of Brandy’s “Always On My Mind” and some more Dinner Party, for those who want more after their album earlier this year. He dips into work as the soulful Pollyseeds for “Never Saw It Coming” before adding a worthy song to the Christmas song cannon “The Christmas Song.”

At the end of each song there are often spoken word segments, taking a critical view of society, materialism and the systems that seek to keep those in power, fat and happy.

The full EP is smooth and an effortless listen. It is great to have this for the holidays with various aliases coming together on one project. Listen to it below and get your copy here via Sounds Of Crenshaw. A new Terrace Martin project will be released in 2021.


1. Terrace Martin - Neighborhood (feat. Kent Jamz & Nick Grant)
2. Gray Area - The Voice of King Nipsey
3. Terrace Martin - Money Up (feat. Rexx Life Raj)
4. Terrace Martin - Always On My Mind (with Alex Isley)
5. Dinner Party - Village Days
6. The Pollyseeds - Never Saw It Coming (feat. Zyah Belle & Chachi)
7. Terrace Martin - The Christmas Song (feat. Alex Isley) 

Terrace Martin Village Days

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