French synth-pop production outfit Caspian Pool, have been making their mark with their unique and powerful productions throughout 2020. Low Bird (vocals) and Jimmy Q (guitars, synthesizers, production) have just dropped a visual for their new single "B.I.T.U" "(Back Into The Universe)", an emphatic piece of upbeat electronica. Filmed in Berlin, the visual explores the dystopian architecture the capital is famous for.

Bonded by a love of synthesizers and an unlikely meeting in Azerbaijan, Low Bird and Jimmy Q found they had a shared love of 90’s French touch and synthwave. It’s this influence that forms the basis of Jimmy’s productions, that have lead to coveted live shows supporting the likes of Joe Goddard and Laurent Garnier.

The new single is the perfect blend between atmospheric synthwave bliss and upbeat electronica. It’s got enough punch to work on a dancefloor, with plenty of hazy, hands in the air moments. Speaking on the new single they state:

"Back Into The Universe is an ode to our space fantasy, going back to where we come from, a real thirst for universality. I've always been fascinated about space walks, the origins of the matter that makes us...and ultimately time travel. Diving into the unknown, outside of gravity...nothing is more thrilling than the thought of this unleashed and uncontrolled freedom!"


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