It's A Psychedelic Bug's Life In Tame Impala's "Breathe Deeper" Music Video

It's a strange video for a highlight from 'The Slow Rush.'
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Tame Impala Kevin Parker

Tame Impala has released the video for “Breathe Deeper.” One of my tracks of the year taken from their album The Slow Rush, the video is a psychedelic trip in a bug’s life. Animated, colorful and wild, this is one of those late night videos you watch a little freaked out, transfixed at the computer screen unable to tear your eyes away. You start with a dragonfly, switching between third and first person and then things only get weirder as it goes into a cocoon. If you had an idea of what this sauntering psychedelic disco house track would look like, throw that out and watch the video. The acid at the end of the track brings some more kaleidoscopes. 

Butt Studio directed the video.

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