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Glastonbury 2021 Festival Cancelled, Organizers Expect 2022 Event

"In spite of our efforts to move Heaven and Earth, it has become clear we simply will not be able to make the festival happen this year."

Well just as some people in the live music business felt some sense of optimism, reality is hitting others. Glastonbury announced this morning that they are cancelling their 2021 festival due to the pandemic.

In a statement released online, they assure those who put down deposits for the 2020 festival that they could roll that over for 2022 Glastonbury. Glastonbury was cancelled in 2020 as well.

The organizers Michael and Emily Eavis had been quite vocal over the past few months that the government needed to provide help to festivals with Coronavirus insurance to protect against cancellations or postponements this summer. The government hasn’t been all that helpful with the arts so that hasn’t come to be. Now Glastonbury has been cancelled and likely that played a part. It takes months to build out these types of mega-festivals, with hundreds of individuals on site. A festival sometimes has to make this decision months in advance before they start hiring and spending non-recoupable money on everything that goes into creating a festival if they don't think the event will happen.

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We hope the festival can come back in 2022. 

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