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Jeff Mills Releases Jazzy, Souful New Millsart Album 'Think Again'

Jeff Mills continues to put out quality music with a new Millsart album.
MIllsart Think Again Artwork

Cover Art

Jeff Mills has released a new album under his alias Millsart. One of the hardest working people in the business these days, Mills continues to put record after record seemingly each month. The new album as Millsart, Think Again, keeps the flow of quality music going.

The 12-track album is jazzy, fun and easy to listen to. A blend of organs, piano, percussion, soul, jazz and sumptuous house grooves, this is a 12-track record that just glides from start to finish. The only problem is that you have to listen to it on the Axis website, where the song steams stop after about 55 seconds. So if you like the album, download it and support the artist.

Grab your copy of the LP on the Axis Records website

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