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John Tejada Announces New Album 'Year Of The Living Dead' On Kompakt

The new LP will arrive next month from John Tejada.
John Tejada

John Tejada

John Tejada has announced his new album Year Of The Living Dead. The Vienna-born and LA-based producer will release the new LP on Kompakt next month.

The album was an opportunity for Tejada to learn some new production tools where he explored new techniques with them.

“The album was started using tools I was unfamiliar with, which became an interesting exploratory process,” Tejada says in a statement. “Staying away from the obvious and having to re-learn simple things was a fun challenge.”

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Tejada started making the album right before lockdown and continued through it, channeling that isolation into the record.

“The production process began right before lockdown and continued through what felt like a very serious time for all of us,” he recalls in a statement. “Not being able to see or touch our loved ones made me feel we are all like ghosts. We can observe from a distance but cannot really be there. We are isolated and alone.”

Year Of The Living Dead will be released on February 26 via Kompakt. See the tracklist below. Pre order the album and listen to clips on the Kompakt website


1. The Haunting of Earth
2. Sheltered
3. Eidolon
4. Echoes Of Life
5. Spectral Progressions
6. Abbot of Burton
7. Panacea
8. Anchorites

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