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Magnetic Mix 133: Nu Azeite

Brazilian duo Nu Azeite drop a new Magnetic Mix channeling some tropical beach vibes with disco, funk and downtempo.
Nu Azeite

Nu Azeite

Brazilian duo Nu Azeite Fabio Santanna and Bernardo Campos hail from Rio De Janeiro. Santanna is a prolific producer and musician who has worked with iconic MPB (música popular brasileira) stars like Marcos Valle and João Bosco, while Campos is a house and disco resident of the famous RARA party and Pato com Laranja bar. Together, they have formed Nu Azeite, which will release their debut, self-titled full-length this Friday, January 29. It combines colorful MPB, downtempo electronic grooves, subtle disco and more into a seven-track record.

With the album just a few days away, we asked the pair to make us a Magnetic Mix, which combines many of the same themes of the LP. You will hear some funk, downtempo and sumptuous disco grooves for a little dance today and to head bob at your desk.

“This is mostly a chill out/downtempo mix, a style that we love and really appreciate. There are two tracks of us blended with some artists we admire in the genre,” explains Nu Azeite. “The mix was recorded in Ipanema, very close to the beach so there is definitely a tropical breezy vibe on it.”

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Listen to the mix now and follow along the tracklist.


1. Eric Hilton - Infinite Everywhere
2. DJ Cam - Saint Germain
3. Kan Sano - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Late Nite Tuff Guy Edit)
4. Fun Lovin Criminals - Up On The Hill
5. Ray-D - Color Of Love
6. Live Motel - As Flores Vão Chegar
7. Mr Scruff Feat. Alice Russell - Music Takes Me Up
8. Kink - Honey Beats (Crazy P Remix)
9. Fish Go Deep - The Jazz
10. Tosca - Love Boat
11. Cut Chemist - The Garden
12. Nu Azeite - Palmeira
13. Sonny Jones - Discipline
14. Hotmood - I Love You So
15. Nu Azeite - Bahia

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