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Music Video Premiere: Halina Rice Creates Trippy, Morphing 3D World With "Terrain"

Experimental electronic musician / AV artist Halina Rice takes you into a riveting 3D world.
Halina Rice

Halina Rice

Experimental electronic musician / AV artist Halina Rice has unveiled the video for her upcoming single “Terrain.” In the same mold as “Spheres,” the London-based artist continues her series of songs and video pairings where she creates vivid 3D projections for a music video that captures the mood and sound of each track. Rice is taking these one step further where she teams up with an international team of visual and technical artists to build a virtual world where she can perform live built in gaming technology Unity 3D. 

We are happy to premiere the music video for her next single “Terrain” today before it and the track drop tomorrow. The video created by Jan Petyrek takes you through 3D animations that start with sleek, ultra-black mountainous cartography maps like looking down at Westworld from above. Then it shifts to morphing 3D blocks that feel like playing Super Mario Sunshine on drugs as the images blend, distort and add new elements.

This all combines with an ambient, yet euphoric soundtrack from Rice that matches the rhythm and movement of the video.

“For 'Terrain' the symbiosis between music and video was anchored through the principle of structure meeting organic, real meeting unreal in an imaginative and inventive virtual space,” explains Rice.

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“Terrain” will be released tomorrow, January 22. Watch the video if you haven’t already by the time you have read down here. 

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