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Premiere: Neil Frances - Falling For You

This of better times ahead with this 80's inspired, disco-like synth-pop.
Neil Frances

Neil Frances

LA-based duo, Jordan Feller and Marc Gilfry aka Neil Frances have unveiled their new single “Falling For You.” Drawing inspiration from the 1980’s, the pair delivers a track that combines distant, forlorn lyrics of absolute and unrequited love with shimmering synths, chugging percussion and a simple, but effective groove.

“Falling For You” feels like summer, even if it is pretty damn cold and bleak out there in the world right now (for most of us). These cheery synths should bring a smile to your face even when things are getting rough right now.

The song was drummed up about a year ago when they were DJing out and heard a sample that created an “aha” moment of inspiration.

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“About 3 weeks before the first major COVID outbreak we were djing at a venue in Downtown LA when I heard the DJ after us play a certain 80’s record that caught my attention. There was a section in the song that I’d heard sampled in a house track that I loved and it was a bit of a “aha” moment. Inspiration hit, I went to our studio the next day and wrote the track. Marc heard the track and instantly put the vocal melody down,” explains Feller.

“Lyrically, this track is about sleepless nights lying awake thinking about that special someone. It’s about falling so hard for someone that you find yourself stunned and stupefied simply by the way they move."

“Falling For You” follows up the duo’s single at the end of October with Poolside, "I'm In Love With You.” Since being formed in 2016 and their debut EP in 2018, they have been putting out some excellent disco-like synth-pop that only continues with “Falling For You.”

Listen to the single below before it is released tomorrow, January 22. 

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