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Seoul Club Cakeshop Launching Carousel Records With Compilation Featuring DJ Lag, DJ Python, Jubilee & More

The compilation will arrive next month with some heavy hitters.

Seoul venue Cakeshop is launching its own record label Carousel Records with a two-sided compilation. Cakeshop will celebrate eight years in existance with the imprint and compilation. The compilation will feature artists who have played the venue over the years including some very impressive names from around the world like Dj Lag; Net Gala (Svbklt); Jubilee, Scratch Dva, Dj Python, Mobile Girl (Discwoman), Wrack, Ase Manuel and more.

“We really have tried to find a place where the underground meets the over ground and the overground meets the underground. Using a range of artists to form a montage/ a mosaic of the contemporary club experience,” says Nevin one of Cakeshop founders and head bookers. “The synthesis that has formed through our club nights shows that when a dialogue is formed between emerging cultures a shift can occur, we wish to capture that shift through our label.”

The compilation will be released on March 12 as the first release from Carousel. See the tracklist below.


LP 1, Side A:

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1. Scratchclart - Scatty (03:00)
2. Ase Manual - World Music Part 1 feat. Marvelito (06:13)
3. Mobilegirl - I Know A Lil Freak (03:17)
4. Jubilee - Say Cheese (04:01)

Side B:

5. Hitmakerchinx - Ciroc Watermelon (03:51)
6. DJ Python - Frogviolin (06:03)
7. DJ Lag - Saka (05:14)
8. Zut Zut - Noche en Itaewon (03:28)

LP 2, Side A:

1. Kelvin T. - Ice Sculpture (04:01)
2. Puzzy Stack - 將相和 General and Premier Make Up (03:27)
3. Cha Cha - Nothing Left For Me (letta remix) (04:13)
4. NET GALA - You'll Never See Me Lose (03:58)

Side B:

5. 106MIDO - Ivory Kokiri (03:07)
6. y2k92 - The Magician (04:36)
7. JNS - Epicentre (04:48)
8. WRACK - Somack Cake (03:16)

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