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Spotlight: 9 Best Ways to Promote Your Music Band In 2021

Here are the 9 best ways to promote your music band in 2021.
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The music industry is highly competitive. You're forced to compete with brand name bands backed by major labels and thousands of musicians waiting in the wings. So how do you market your music and make money in the process? Here are the 9 best ways to promote your music band in 2021.

1. Invest in Digital Marketing

Set up a professional website. If you don't want to offer downloads to paying customers through the site, use it to promote your songs and albums available for purchase on other sites. You can use the website to create a mailing list. You can use this list to advertise upcoming shows or future album releases. One point in favor of mailing lists is that it will reach people who aren't using the social media platforms you're on, and it can reach people days after you've broadcast the message.

2. Engage on Social Media

Most of your audience is on social media sites. Create branded band social media pages. Share news about your appearances, your sales, and everything else you're doing. Followers on social media will get the latest news. More importantly, they may share it with their friends.

3. Sell Branded Memorabilia

You may be aware of the fact that movie theaters make as much money or more off the sale of snacks and drinks as they do ticket sales. You may or may not be able to sell concessions at your concerts, but you can make money from the sale of branded items to your fans. Use a label printing service to print up stickers they can put on their laptops and bumper stickers they can put on their cars. One side benefit of this money-making approach is that you can also sell the items online for relatively little effort. And every sticker in public is promoting your brand.

4. Get on Streaming Sites

While many bands prefer live gigs, the truth is that many of your fans will prefer to listen to your music via live streaming and downloads. Get at least some of your music on streaming sites, so that you can earn money from it and reach fans.

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5. Get on Playlists

If you can get your music on a popular playlist, it will result in your music being shared with people who would otherwise never hear you. This will also increase the number of people who listen to your song on a streaming site, something that increases your profile on the streaming sites.

6. Get Mentioned in the Media

Press coverage continues to help bands get recognized. Your music might be critiqued by a music publication or a niche blog, but almost all coverage is good for you when you're just starting out. Consider getting interviewed by newspapers. You might talk to local reporters about music education, the impact of various local regulations on concert venues, or your connections to the community. They may publish a story about you in the paper, generating some local coverage. More importantly, the mentions in news articles are highly trusted by search engines. This will result in a higher search engine results page ranking for your band and your website in related searches.

7. Do Music Videos

Even small bands can make music videos given the quality of video captured by digital cameras. You could even start by recording songs from live performances. Post these videos on social media to keep up your social media following. You could post the videos on video sites to generate ad revenue, too. Or sell DVDs that contain the recording of an entire concert, if you're concerned about piracy.

8. Have a Good Supporting Team

Musicians tend to focus on the music and let others worry about the business side. Consider bringing in a public relations expert to handle the marketing of the band and its music. Or have a good business manager who ensures that your vendors are paid and the money for T-shirt and bumper stickers doesn't disappear.

9. Do a Little Charity

While paying gigs can pay the bills, playing for a good cause can result in both good will and good press. Whether you're playing for free at a fundraising concert or letting kids with cancer sing up on stage, consider doing a few charitable works. 

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