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Spotlight: How Different Cultures Use Marijuana

People around the world have used it for spiritual, medical, and social reasons.
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When you think of marijuana, you might think of lazy stoners who smoke it all day. However, that is not always the case. Many people believe it improves their quality of life. The situation, strain, and person all dictate the way cannabis affects them. People around the world have used it for spiritual, medical, and social reasons.

Medical Use

Many who use cannabis medically want to manage physical or mental issues or simply improve their general health. While you might think of that as relatively new, it’s been used for thousands of years. For instance, the Chinese used it in 2700 B.C. to remedy illnesses, and Egyptian texts also talk about it. Today, many countries, including the United States, regulate it. If you want to use it medicinally, you have to get a medical marijuana card. Luckily, it is not difficult to start your evaluation for a card in states like Oklahoma. Broken Arrow has some of the best doctors in the state. You can begin your assessment with an Oklahoma City medical marijuana doctor online with the knowledge that the state lets most applicants qualify.

Social Use

People use marijuana socially for recreation and spending time with others. That is the main reason many people today use it. Still, those in the past used it socially as well. For instance, the wealthy in ancient Rome would have a dessert made from its seeds. They enjoyed it for the good feeling it promoted. And while India’s ancient Hindus did not use alcohol, they were fine with cannabis. At weddings, they would serve it since it was a sign of hospitality. 

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Today, many recreational users have the herb for specific times. If you use it correctly and do not take too much, you can increase your focus and relaxation. People use it to help them better enjoy socializing, eating, watching movies, or being creative. You can even use it to make uninteresting tasks, such as chores, more exciting. Many integrate it into their daily routines. They might use it each day the same way others might use coffee or alcohol.

Spiritual Use

Many people link spiritual wellbeing with general health, so many have used cannabis for religious reasons. Those looking for connection, enlightenment, or meaning might look to it. It has been used in both the past and present for spiritual practices. For instance, some Hindus, Sikhs, and Rastafarians use it during religious ceremonies. And some religions in Mexico use the smoke for purification ceremonies, sometimes replacing incense with it. Even those not affiliated with a specific religion might use it for personal growth, contemplation, or reflection. Because some strains are so relaxing, they can provide perspective to those wanting to understand difficult situations. Others believe that it could teach them something. People may use it to connect better with nature or to bond with other people. With the feelings of connectedness that it brings, people can feel a sense of oneness. When used correctly, it can increase someone’s quality of life.

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