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Weedsday Playlist: “The Highest Host” Adam Ill Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
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Adam Ill

Still from Laganja Estranja’s new single/video “Daddy” featuring Adam Ill

Adam Ill is a host and personality with a background in entertainment; he's also had a love affair with Mary Jane that's lasted more than two decades. Prior to his debut in the cannabis industry, Adam honed his talents while working for CBS Radio at 97.1 KLSX. When KLSX changed formats, Adam started his own show, The Potcast; it lasted four consecutive years, making it the longest running marijuana podcast to date. Shortly after it ended, Adam began the solo venture that many now know him from - Getting High With - which was broadcasted live for over 5 years on the internet. In addition to Getting High With, Adam hosts a variety of events such as The Secret Sesh, High Times Cannabis Cups and other cannabis events.

You may have spotted Adam Ill recently in the new video for Laganja Estranja’s “Daddy,” described by Laganja as “WAP for Queens.” It’s an anthem promoting sex positivity and an entrepreneurial mindset, produced in accordance with COVID safety protocols in partnership with Maven Cannabis Company.

Combining music and cannabis, so we asked “The Highest Host” to share his favorite sesh tunes with us. They don’t disappoint, highlighting songs from Bill Withers, Roy Ayers and, of course, Laganja!

“My top songs are all about good chill energy for your next wake and bake. We are gonna take it easy, chill, vibe out and appreciate what we have. It was hard to only pick five songs (so I picked six!),” says Adam about the playlist.

1. Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Anytime I hear this song, I immediately smile and nod my head. It makes me want to point my face at the sun like your favorite pet and take in the sun rays. Sunshine and sunny days are always reminiscent of fun happy times and that’s how I feel when I hear this song. I hope you do, too. When the part “Feel what I feel when I feel what I’m feeling in the sunshine” comes on it just makes you say ftw I’m on a vibe.

2. Bill Withers - Lovely Day

A classic tune to get any day started right. Regardless of what obstacles or issues you are dealing with, this song has to put you in an optimistic mindset — just positive vibes and great energy. I usually sing this to cannabis before I smoke it. The chorus can be translated to be about a bowl, joint, blunt, bong, dab or however you consume the amazing plant. “Then I look at you, and the world is alright with me...” I feel that every time I’m about to puff.

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3. Twennynine featuring Lenny White - Morning Sunrise

This is the perfect wake and bake song. This tune is great for any morning and the lyrics are so uplifting for the sunrise. Greeting the day with a positive mindset is always a plus. Hearing the appreciation for another day in a song that is soulful, funky and original makes any sesh better! With birds chirping and a “Hello morning, you look good..” you will have a great day.

4. The Commodores - Easy Like Sunday Morning

A good, chill, classic tune to have on and vibe to in any sesh. I mean in the song he sings “I wanna be high so high” and then goes into an easy chill solo. Being easy like Sunday morning should be an anthem for relaxation. If you’re smoking you’re relaxing, so sing along to this amazing track and be easy.

5. Seals and Crofts - Summer Breeze

Last but not least and to keep with the theme, “Summer Breeze” is a great catchy tune to just vibe and sesh to. The opening riff takes you there and then when the “summer breeze makes me feel fine” drops all you can do is take another hit and just feel fine. I can smell the jasmine when I hear Seals and Crofts sing. 

BONUS TRACK! “Daddy” by Laganja Estranja

I love listening to my friends' songs when I’m seshing. Laganja Estranja always brings it with her catchy hooks and iconic lyrics. Her newest song “Daddy” is just that. I got to be in a small part of the music video and let me tell you she turnt it. I'm so proud of her and everything she's done. Once y’all hear the song, you’ll be singing it the rest of the day. “I don’t need no daddy...” 

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