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Music lovers are being treated to a renaissance of sorts, with an overwhelming abundance of music to choose from. Disco and Funk have stepped forward with their best platform and stiletto shoes and are ready to make you groove! Kylie Minogue, Loshmi, Ken@Work, and Hotmood are just a few of the spotlight artists we are going to relish this January!

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1. Kylie Minogue & Dua Lipa - Real Groove (Studio 2054 Remix)

Kylie Minogue = Hot! Dua Lipa = Hot! Put the two together for the "Studio 2054 Remix" of Kylie's "Real Groove" and you have the perfect dance floor firestarter to forget the reality of the world. Both artists brought the heat with their well-received 2020 albums, so it's great to hear them joining forces for more juicy disco!

2. Ken@Work - Here For You

Ken Walker aka Ken@Work is on a creative bender lately! "Here For You" is a mere sample of the fantastic disco he's been producing over the last year. Complete with deeply soulful vocals, sexy sax, sweet strings, and all the disco shimmer and gloss we've come to expect from Ken, 2021 looks to be very promising indeed! Check this one out on Hive Label.

3. Situation - Beyond Compare (Laroye & Andre Vocal Remix)

Are you ready for some funk? I hope so because this remix of Situation's "Beyond Compare" will get you biting that bottom lip in no time! Andre Espeut is not only a brilliant singer but this time around he's in the producer seat alongside Laroye, giving the original track some serious funk flavor. Already getting some serious love from Craig Charles, it's your turn to get loose with this hot track!

4. Paul Older - Hu-Man

Paul Older is back with his spectacular Editladia EP. I was genuinely torn on which song to write about because they are all so good, but I finally settled on "Hu-Man" because it simply hits all the right notes. This track has vocals that are sweetly reminiscent of Sister Sledge, bright horns, and the ever-present bass jam, that pulls it all together. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy on Slightly Transformed now.

5. Loshmi - Yes It Is

"Bass, how low can you go?" is the feel of how Loshmi's "Yes It Is" opens up, and the funk train rolls on from there! Tonbe aka Loshmi typically hits us with more of an upfront disco vibe, so this turn to the funk side is more than welcome. The track sounds like it was recorded live in a club, which is unlikely but gives it a cool retro feel. 

6. Tommy Glasses - Tonight (Birdee Remix)

"Tonight" is breezy, funky, and sexy! Driven by a sweet female vocal wrapped in synths and strings, Birdee's remix of Tommy Glasses adds a serious funk factor to the original track by taking the bass to a groove level of 10! Midnight Riot! just keeps banging out club classics and this fits in perfectly with their brand!

7. Moogy Bee - Shake Your Rump (To The Funk) (Luisen Re-Touch)

'If you feel the funk, shake your rump, do the bump' is the opening line to Moogy Bee's amazing disco gem, with a little assist from Luisen! I think this needs to be the mantra for disco lovers everywhere! This track is everything that disco should be. It's fun, carefree, and is going to make you groove with your neighbor, whoever they might be! We are all the same on the dancefloor when the groove is right, and this groove is oh so right!

8. J&M Brothers - Tell Me What You Want

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"Tell Me What You Want" is a bouncy, funky disco jam. J&M Brothers have been knocking it out of the park on their last few releases, so it's great to hear they are still in fine form for 2021! These guys are bringing their Spanish heat to each track, and expect to see this song paired up with an equally bouncy choreographed video. Check out the EP on Good Stuff now!

9. Din Jay - Love Came Around feat. Venessa Jackson & Simone C (Yam Who? Remix)

"Love Came Around" has classic R&B/disco written all over it. Din Jay has made a little piece of magic featuring the exceptional vocals of Venessa Jackson and Simone C. Yam Who? always shines up a track with his remixing skills as well. The combination creates a delicious mix that will keep you dancing all night long!

10. Rio Soldierman - Love Stimulator

Midnight Riot! is quite simply killing it with their recent releases, and Rio Soldierman is keeping the streak going with "Love Stimulator." This song is very steamy and has a great driving synth structure backed with smooth R&B style vocals. Make sure you have your sweetie close by when you listen to this one!

11. Aymeric - Little Loving

Don't be confused by the house beat through the first minute of this track. Once you crack the minute mark, "Little Loving" is layers of pure disco. Aymeric adds in a speech about unity through house music, but I think that goes for disco too. We can use more loving in the world and this is a good place to start!

12. Hotmood - Come With Me

Another month means more great disco from Hotmood! "Come With Me" is brought to us on Natasha Kitty Katt's Ghetto Disco Records, and is a fine addition to the new label. Hotmood tracks always have plenty of Mexican sun inside them, and this track is no exception. If you are like me and buried under two feet of snow, you will love the pure summer vibe of this jam!

13. Toby O'Connor - Cherry Jam

"Cherry Jam" is a late-night groove right from the opening notes. Anytime you get a sax solo you know you are in for something extra. Toby O'Connor even throws some organ at us, which is certainly not typical for a disco song, but it blends in perfectly. The jammy rhythm guitar and congas provide just the right shuffle to bring on the night.

14. Sauco - Jealous

Spanish producer Sauco is a real up and comer in the disco scene, and his Delicious EP is excellent from start to finish. "Jealous" is a true standout song and makes me excited to see what the future has in store for disco and house lovers alike. This track is a true nu-disco jam, with some early '80s synth gloss to accompany the dreamy vocal. Check it out on Hot Digits now!

15. Penny & Sparrow - Recuerda (La Felix Remix)

La Felix has done something genius with Penny & Sparrow's "Recuerda"...he made it danceable! The original track is a lovely, but somber affair, so La Felix's touch is inspired! This version is poolside ready. It makes me want to break out the sunscreen, flip-flops, and my sunnies. This song shouldn't make sense, but it's simply so wrong that it's right!

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