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February is here, so that means it’s time to look back to what we missed in both December and January. I like to include both months in the January chart, because December’s releases are so often overlooked. Indie Discotheque has put together a fantastic collection of synth-heavy songs for you this month; queue this up on your loudest speakers and let’s get that living room dance party going in full swing.

Take time to enjoy and explore the sounds below. We have a Spotify playlist, and you can also check out the rest of the synth charts here.

1. Krosia - Sunlight

Daydreaming about summer sun and the sound of the waves while you lay in warm sand next to the sea? Yeah, me too. Krosia brings warmth and relaxation with their latest track, “Sunlight,” which is awash in beautiful synth textures and a bit of guitar accent, too.

2. Saint Seduce - Satin Ocean

Keeping the summer vibes going, we are going to wind that relaxing synth back up with “Satin Ocean'' from Saint Seduce. This one has a bit more of a twilight feel, with a slower tempo and a bit more sparkle in the sound textures.

3. Bit Funk - Spectral Engram feat. Jason Gaffner

Slightly picking up the pace, this month also brings new music from Bit Funk and Jason Gaffner. The pacing in “Spectral Engram” has repetitive backing synth elements with nicely processed guitar features that are spread across the track.

4. Digitalism - Stick?

This track is so chill for Digitalism, but I am absolutely in love with the wall of sound they present in “Stuck?” The processed vocal samples are a great element of the song, and the rest of the song is a harmonic dreamscape that surrounds you across the composition.

5. Decisive Koala - Astral

There is so much chill synth in this month’s chart with a ton of slower tempo, atmospheric tunes. Decisive Koala delivers another great addition with “Astral,” a piece that conjures imagery of laying back and absorbing the clear night sky on a warm summer night.

6. M.A.D.E.S - 1984

Now we're in serious territory. The synth in “1984” is thick, with multiple layers of warm sounds and the high-pitched whirr of optimism among an unforgiving terrain. You can feel strength in this experience as you make your way among the obstacles before you.

7. Space - Magic Fly (AM 1984 Remix)

“Magic Fly” opens with a filtered presence, but soon you’ll find the sound becomes filled with warmth as you make your way into the composition. The percussion is very synthetic in nature which keeps the track in retro territory. The pacing is great, with multiple treatments to the melody.

8. Michael Elliot - I Know You feat. Teya Flow

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This combination of Teya Flow with Michael Elliot is a great pairing. There are some great 90’s vibes happening in the vocal, with Michael’s soundtrack providing more of a late 80s groove. The saxophone feature in the track has great clarity in sound, and I wish there was more.

9. Nation of Language - Deliver Me From Wondering Why

In contrast to much of the rest of this month's selections, Nation of Language delivers a much more staccato sounding track with a simple arrangement of repetitious synth harmonies and beautiful synthetic accents that assist with the overall pacing of the track.

10. Juno Dreams - Far From Home

We are making our way across the landscape, immersed in this latest adventure from Juno Dreams. Imagine yourself “Far From Home” as the pulsation of the bass grinds away and the wash of synth carries us along as we seek our destination.

11. Immortal Girlfriend - Seeker

A steady wall of bass, acoustic percussion, and swirling synth will carry you to what you are seeking. The mix of Immortal Girlfriend’s vocals could be a bit more forward for my personal tastes, but I love the processing and the application in complement to the instrumentation.

12. Juno Disco - You’re So Hung Up on My Colours

The tempo picks up with “You’re So Hung Up on My Colors,” a track with bounce from Juno Disco. This is a track for the height of the frenzy when everyone is in a feel-good mood. The vocals are such that are easy to sing along to, and the processing really sets an awesome vibe.

13. Holiday Sidewinder - The Real Tea

A simpler arrangement with focus on the vocal, “The Real Tea” from Holiday Sidewinder is crafted with warm, rounded textures, and subdued percussion that acts as an accent. Additional synth elements that keep your interest throughout the song.

14. Luke Million - Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)

A part of the Re-creation series that is in progress from Australian, Luke Million, “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)” brings massive synth to the iconic classic. If you’ve seen Luke’s studio and passion for synthesizers, you’ll know the genuine enthusiasm that has been put into this track.

15. Essy - Cry for Me

Closing out the chart with the pop side of the synth, Essy’s “Cry for Me” brings a synth heavy arrangement with a vocal that is accessible to today's melodic standards. As a surprise, the song even includes a bonus sax diddy in the fade out.

Let's listen to all of the songs together:

Looking for more? Check out our Spotify playlist:

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