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Ableton Releases Live 11 Update

Ableton Live 11 is finally here.
Ableton 11

If you haven’t opening your DAW today, this is your notice. Ableton Live 11 is available today. The update was first announced back in November 2020 and comes with loads of features that producers have been looking for.

It includes comping, MPE support, new audio effects, an emphasis on parameter randomization, a new sound library that includes samples from industry-leader Spitfire Audio, MPE control, chromatic tones and wild FX and much more. For those with a Push 2, Live 11 brings a firmware update for Push that enables polyphonic pressure.

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Ableton Live 11 is available on their website and user can try it out for free for 90 days. See the video below and see our breakdown of the features from when it was first announced back in November. 

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