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Album Review: Black Coffee - Subconsciously

Black Coffee takes a step into super-stardom with his new album 'Subconsciously.'
Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Black Coffee has released his new album Subconsciously. It comes packed with features alongside international stars like Pharrell, Celeste, Diplo, RY X, Sabrina Claudio and David Guetta. There are plenty of big names from the African continent as well like Sun-El Musician, Una Rams and Tellaman.

The global stardom that Black Coffee has earned over the past few years can be seen and heard on this record. There isn’t a massive change from his earlier work, like on Pieces Of Me or Gardens Of Eden / Trip To Lyon, but there are some notable differences. It is more pop friendly that is amenable to the larger crowds and audiences he has today.

With all of these features, he has still curated the same sort of melodic, relaxed vibe that run through his records. There is a clear idea of what he wants the album to sound like and the vocalists, no matter their stature, all work with it. Subconsciously is a smooth record, whether it is subtle, piano deep house like “You Need Me” with Maxine Ashley and Sun-El Musician or sun-kissed, beachy and uplifting “Ready For You” with Celeste, it all meshes very well together. 

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You can pick up the album here and stream it below.

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