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Album Review: Onsy - MetaConc

The Cairo producer delivers a creeping, tense and measured album on Quiet Time.
Onsy - MetaConc Cover Art

Cairo-based producer Mostafa Onsy, known professionally as just Onsy has released a new album MetaConc via New York based label Quiet Time. The seven-track project is reflective of the cover art – twisted, metallic and alien.

Bleeps, bloops puncture through soundwaves as rolling dub rhythms jerk and spiral underneath. There is a contrast between the at times jarring percussion and melodic elements that flutter over top. “Metal Beams” has crunching, crackling sounds like a fire burning in the background with soft and measured pads. The tracks are often creeping and intricate that slowly build, ebb and flow. Yet, despite this alien structure, there are moments or brief periods of organic beauty.

MetaConc is a heady 40 minute listen worthy of a day indoors. Stream and pick up your copy on Bandcamp

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