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Ambient Meditations Season 2 - Vol 35 - Vetle Nærø

For fans of minimalist piano works and dreamy cinematic sounds, Norway's Vetle Nærø delivers a beautiful mix of modern neo-classical and chillout sounds.
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This week we are joined by Norway's latest gift to the world of neo-classical music, Vetle Nærø. Perfect for the midwinter blues, Nærø's mix is cinematic, emotive, and dashed with a combination of hope and melancholy. His latest single, "Waves," is out on 7K! Records and gives fans of minimal piano work precisely what they crave, beautiful spaces between the decay. On the mix, you will find staples of the genre and some amazing artists you might not be familiar with, as well as an unreleased song from Nærø. This mix demands your attention as much as it creates a permeable soundtrack for the gray sky drifting outside your windows. Find something warm to drink, get a warm furry blanket, and lean back into episode 35.

Tracklist - Vetle Nærø Ambient Meditations Mix

Alaskan Tapes - Waiting

Patrick Jonsson - Suddenly We Looked Like Giants

Benjamin Gustafsson -Nrem3

Vetle Nærø - Hypnagogia

Bing & Ruth - And Then It Rained

Nils Frahm - Our Own Roof

Goldmund - Turncoat

Vetle Nærø - Waves

Jacaszek - Elegia

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Bing & Ruth - As Much as Possible

Luke Howard - Blue Hands

Fog Lake - Transcenda

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More on - VETLE NÆRØ

"Waves" - single out now on 7K! Records

With "Waves", the first song from his upcoming new album, Vetle Nærø becomes part of the 7K! Records' family, the contemporary & modern classical arm of Berlin-based !K7 Records. Vetle joins names such as Hania Rani, Niklas Paschburg, and Gabrìel Ólaf as one of the most exciting new talents of minimal pianism. The young Norwegian pianist is quickly becoming a notable figure in the instrumental scene, currently gaining significant attention from both the public and the world of film and TV.

It is a rarity to be conquered at first listen by the simple and crystalline notes of a piano, which makes the occasion even more striking. It can occur when melodies and arrangements are able to communicate simultaneously with the heart and the mind, without distraction or impatience. When the notes move like spirals which chase and elude each other, contracting and expanding to grip and intrigue the listener.

It is this unpredictable traverse across an emotional landscape which is woven throughout the new project by Vetle Nærø. This is his first album on 7K! - the follow-up to Nærø's self produced debut 'By Heart' - and includes the hypnotic lead single 'Waves' which was released in December last year.

Born in Oslo in 2000, Nærø moved to Ålesund at 5 years old where began studying piano, starting with classics such as Chopin and Rachmaninoff. He then discovered the forefathers of minimalism such as Philip Glass and Arvo Part, before turning his ear to the sounds of Yann Tiersen, Dustin O'Halloran, Ólafur Arnalds, Otto Totland and Nils Frahm, the latter of whom released his first album when Vetle was just 9 years old. 

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