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DJ Spotlight - The New DJM-S7 Mixer Maximizes Customization And Pushes The Limits of Creative DJing

The turntablist and beat-centric world of DJing just got a significant upgrade with this 2-channel beast of a mixer.
DJM-S7 Mixer Pioneer DJ

Meet the new DJM-S7 Mixer - Designed for innovative Turntabalism and performances

Just when you thought the craft of DJing had become a bit stale, a whole new generation of beat maestros takes the world by storm. With endless ways to execute a mix these days it's exciting to see the return of the DJ's DJ. The artists that take mixing and live remixing to the next level from turntablism to beat maestros, and Pioneer DJ has answered the call with the new DJM-S7 Scratch-style 2-channel performance DJ mixer. 

The DJM-S7 Front

The DJM-S7


The DJM-S7 gives you the freedom to customize your setup and bring your own unique style to every performance. The unit enables free use of Serato DJ Pro and it’s a Hardware Unlock device for rekordbox, so you can use performance features in either application. Just plug in and rock it.

Magvel Fader Pro Pioneer DJ DJM-S7

Magvel Fader Pro

It's all in the fader if you are a scratch DJ, and the DJM-S7 brings the feels. They have  enhanced the feeling of the Magvel Fader Pro and boosted the rigidity of the knob mounting shaft in the vertical direction by 30 percent so you can scratch with even more confidence. Cutting just got a lot more silky!

Large Performance Pads Pioneer DJ DJM-S7

Large Performance Pads

Large Performance Pads

The 8 large Performance Pads on each channel are easy to hit when you want to rapidly fire off Hot Cues and samples. And with independent pad modes, you can use 2 different features – one on each channel’s set of pads – at the same time.

Combo Pad mode

Activate Combo Pad mode in Serato DJ Pro to use 2 different pad modes on the same channel simultaneously, e.g. Hot Cue and Sampler. This reduces the need to change modes and gives you the option to combine more features to enhance your performance.

Scratch Bank

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With the Scratch Bank pad mode, you can instantly load scratch samples from 4 banks that you’ve assigned in Serato DJ Pro by simply tapping a pad. You can load from a specified start point too – handy if you want to use this feature to drop in full tracks during a routine.

Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 Scratch bank

Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 Scratch Bank

Large effect levers

Twist sounds on the fly by adding effects with the large levers. The DJM-S7 includes all 22 built-in Beat FX from the DJM-S11 so you can get creative with these, as well as software effects in Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox. It’s easy to change the 6 effects assigned to the FX Select buttons and you can keep an eye on the name and beat value of the one you’re using by glancing at the OLED display.

Pioneer DJ DJM-S7

Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 Bluetooth Input

Bluetooth input: Wirelessly add audio from your phone

Simply pair your phone with the DJM-S7 via Bluetooth and you can drop sounds straight into your set. You can play loops to scratch over or use a music app to play a track requested by someone in the audience. Or simply have your mobile device connected and ready as a backup in case your laptop fails. You can play the sound directly through the master output or either of the channels.

Pioneer DJ DJM-S7

Pioneer DJ DJM-S7

Loop MIDI: Automated control of DJ software functions

This feature in the effects section of the DJM-S7 can control various functions in your DJ software by repeatedly sending a MIDI signal to the software in a set beat cycle. Functions including Hot Cue, sampler, and key shift-up are preassigned so you can start using Loop MIDI straight away.

Loop MIDI: Pattern A - You can create a buildup by gradually shortening the beat cycle of a snare sample which is playing in a loop.

Loop MIDI: Pattern B - You can also raise or lower the key of deck 1 or 2 track, activate sampler slot 1 or Hot Cue 1 / A, or mute the deck.

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