Lights Out Premiere: Dyspal - Kitten [Skryptöm]

Intense, brooding, emotional breakbeat techno from Dyspal.
Dyspal - Lore LP Cover Art

Dyspal - Lore LP [Skryptöm]

Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive premiere from French tastemaking imprint Skryptöm. Taken from their forthcoming coming album, Lore, Dyspal's "Kitten" is a deeply emotional and brooding piece of work. The serene arp, lush atmospheric pads, and gritty bassline sit atop a pounding kick drum that turns into an energizing breakbeat rhythm that keeps the energy building and flowing. Dyspal's Lore LP will be available on March 19th.

Track: Kitten
Artist: Dyspal
Label: Skryptöm
Format: Digital
Release Date: 3-19-21

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