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Music Publishing Simulator Shows Financial Struggle For Songwriters In Streaming Era

The simulator shows different portions of music publishing deals and how much money a songwriter would get from millions of streams.
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If you have been following the #BrokenRecord campaign or any songwriters online, it shouldn’t be any surprise that making a living as a songwriter these days is becoming harder and harder. Their piece of the pie is seemingly getting smaller with more of the money getting gobbled up by tech giants as music consumption moves almost wholly to streaming. Music tech startup CreateSafe has launched their new CreateOS Publishing Simulator that allows users to create their own publishing deal within a few different frameworks.

The website covers the broad strokes of if own your copyright, but have a publisher, co-own with the publisher or don’t have a publisher. Then you adjust splits, number of streams, advances and see how much money might be made. Obviously these are just estimates and every deal might be slightly different, but there are general templates for basic publishing deals. The publishing deal for Ryan Tedder will be much different for someone writing a few small songs in Nashville as part of a team or functional club records. As one might expect from this, it takes many millions of streams to make even break even if there is an advance.

CreateSafe also made one of these simulators for record deals as well to show just how screwed artists are.

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