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Survey: 51% Of Music Professionals Have Low Confidence In Affording Basic Living Expenses

According to the MusiCares Wellness In Music 2021 survey, things are quite bleak financially and mentally for music professionals.

A new MusiCares survey lays bare the toll that the pandemic has had on music industry professionals. In a survey of 2,835 professionals, 18 or older who have been in the business for five of more years and have music as their primary source of income, things are bleak. The survey was conducted between October 2020 and January 2021.

Key findings include:

51 percent of survey respondents indicated they had low to very low levels of confidence in being able to afford basic living expenses during the pandemic.

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62 percent indicated experiencing moderately high to very high levels of financial stress, on a daily basis.

26 percent of survey respondents reported experiencing moderate to severe levels of depression.

34.9 percent of survey respondents did seek counseling for depression, anxiety and stress, but worryingly 53.5 percent of those respondents said they were unable to get counseling because they could not afford it.

Check out the graphic below to see this all in a visual format. 

MusiCares Wellness In Music Survey

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