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Premiere: Fizzy - Maasai Warrior (SHKHT002)

These articles will focus on specific EP premieres/reviews for certain artists/labels within the 140 scene and beyond. This one features the artist known as Fizzy with his track "Maasai Warrior" forthcoming via the new record label Shakhta Records.
Fizzy - Maasai Warrior Artwork

Fizzy - Maasai Warrior Artwork

I always love hearing about exciting new labels emerging from the 140 scene. There are an abundance of platforms trying to push and promote fresh emerging talent, which really makes me happy. It's changed an awful lot from 10 years ago when there was only a handful of record labels pushing the 140 sound.

Shakhta Records is a small independent label from Havirov that solely supports dubstep, grime and similar music genres in the Czech & Slovakian scene. Their 001 release featured head honcho WZ with some heavyweight productions. 

The labels 002 release showcases a relatively new artist called Fizzy with another 3 weighty productions. We are happy to premiere the track "Maasai Warrior," which you can listen too below.

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Premiere: Fizzy - Maasai Warrior:

This ones a tribal, cold mixture of militant drums and tough, sub-weight pressure. Theres so much movement within the track, from the intricate percussive elements that skip into life every so often, to the overwhelming bass-weight that just completely attacks the listener when it drops. 

Heavy music from Fizzy, I cant wait to see what else he's cooking up and of course to see where Shakhta Records goes with the labels next few releases. 

This release drops on February 22 on all normal platforms.

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