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Premiere: Sammy Deuce & HP Vince Join Forces To Remind You "You Gotta Dance"

Magnetic Magazine is happy to premiere the latest collaboration between Sammy Deuce and HP Vince, the hot new EP 'You Gotta Dance,' available on Purple Tea Records.
Sammy Deuce & HP Vince

Sammy Deuce & HP Vince

When two great minds collide great things happen. Sammy Deuce returns to the Purple Tea label to join forces with HP Vince to create the joyous sound that is "You Gotta Dance."

Justin and Cam of Purple Tea Records say about the track: "We miss the night, more specifically the very late nights, the ones that turn into early mornings... you know the ones that turn into early afternoons, yeah, those. We miss the horrible smell of smoke machines and smokers. We miss the missed connections. We miss the long queues and empty rooms. We miss the pre-drink and late-night mystery meats. But above all else, we miss hearing a new track at an old venue. Goodbye 2020, hello HP Vince and Sammy Deuce."

"You Gotta Dance" has a perfect blend of disco and house music. It is full of chunky bass and bright horns for balance. Whether you prefer the heavier sound of "Sam's House Mix" or the lighter feeling of "Vince's Nu-Disco Mix," the point is the same, "You Gotta Dance"!

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Listen to the track below and pre-order before it is released on Friday. 

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