Sensel, the creators of the Morph multi-touch controller have announced the release of two multi-dimensional sound packs – Techtonics and Analog Essentials.

Techtonics features presets for the newly released Ableton Live 11 and Bitwig Studio 3.3+. It offers dark sounds, gritty textures, and rich harmonics that were sampled from analog synths like the Moog Subharmonicon, Meeblip Geode, and Buchla Music Easel. Included are 13 Sampler synths, over 60 polyrhythmic loops, five drum racks of percussion and bass kits, and a full kit of 16 unique kick drums. The result is a veritable construction kit for modern techno-derived genres that rely heavily on rhythm.


Beyond great sounds, Techtonics has many creative uses of MPE. For example, the vertical "slide" gesture on the "Kits" is used to create a "rim" at the top of all the pads, when played with a 4x4 grid. This rim adds a distortion, effect, filter, or other variation to the pad.

Analog Essentials was created by the professionals at SonalSystem in collaboration with Sensel. It is a deep collection of chromatically sampled synthesizers, arranged into presets for Ableton Live 10 & 11 as well as Logic Pro X. Vintage synthesizers and modern eurorack creations were processed and sampled for every note and meticulously prepared for Live and Logic Samplers into instrument racks that give you immediate and full control over variation and mix. The resulting sounds emanate a vintage, "video shack soundtrack" vibe that is hard to resist.

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MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is mapped for each preset, offering full expressive control over all sounds, bringing all the character and richness of analog into a modern, powerful format. (Note: Live 10 has no MPE mappings). In total, the sound pack includes 60+ Presets for Leads, Bass, Pads, and Drones, 3000+ sample files (with loop points in meta data), and 9+ GB of pure sonic bliss.

"With both Techtonics and Analog Essentials, we wanted to deliver the character of analog synths to the world of MPE control," said Sensel Product Strategist and Morph Frontman Peter Nyboer. "There are quite a few MPE Synths out there and lots of great sampled instruments, but now that so many DAWs support MPE, we are able to offer gorgeous sounds that you can design with your hands using your DAW's native samplers."

Both Tectonics and Analog Essentials will be available for the discounted price of $39 upon release. The price will increase to $59 on Friday, March 12th.

Morph + Overlays

About Sensel Morph 

The Morph is an endlessly adaptable, MPE-compatible multi-touch controller, using magnetically attached tactile overlays and the intuitive Sensel configuration app for bespoke integration with a wide range of music and other creative applications. It outputs MIDI (with and without MPE), keystrokes, mouse movements and more, and recognises input by touch, sticks, pens, brushes or anything else you care to hit, press or stroke it with.

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