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Producer Spotlight: UJAM's HYPE Beatmaker Plugin Will Create Fantastic Drums And Inspire Creativity

UJAM's Beatmaker Plugins are fantastic tools to help you build your grooves faster and inspire creativity.
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At Magnetic Studios we are always looking for plugins that inspire creativity and speed up creativity, and UJAM hits our sweet spot. If you are a Logic Pro user, then you are probably already familiar with their Drummer tracks and how they can help get your tune moving in the right direction. Workflow and creativity are very personal things; some producers think you should sculpt every sound for your beats; others just use sample packs and tweak them. The point is, tools are only as good as the person using them.

So for this monthly series, we are working with UJAM to highlight our favorite plugins in their arsenal, and those that are most relative to our audience. Whether you do LoFi or massive dance floor anthems, there is something in their portfolio for you. We will be starting with examining their Beatmaker series, which can be bought as a bundle or as single plugins.

Who is HYPE for? If you are a new producer looking to create drum tracks for big, stadium rocking type of tunes - HYPE will not let you down. It will allow you to quickly program your drums from intros to builds, bridges to the big "drop" and quickly get your track moving in the right direction. For seasoned DJs and producers, HYPE is a great kickstarter to speed up your workflow and inspiration.

Let's take a closer look at the functionality below. 

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Festival Sized Beats

HYPE is an instrument loaded with Progressive House and anthemic samples, presets, and full grooves, so you can lay down your drum tracks in minutes. With HYPE, you can create and tweak massive beats that give you a huge edge over traditional sample packs, all by touching a single key. Let the groove inspire you, not hang you up. HYPE  instantly syncs to your DAW's tempo, and you can play a near-infinite variety of loops just like you would an instrument. Inspired yet? 

Simple, Yet Powerful

With an easy to understand user interface, HYPE has no hidden controls or complications. The straightforward controls make every tweak quick and painless, to keep your creativity flowing. And to make things even easier, HYPE is fully compatible with MIDI Drag & Drop—so you can take loops directly from HYPE's keyboard and place them directly into your DAW session for easy editing.

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4/4 Drums That Sound Perfect

These kicks hit hard. Every kick, snare, and hi-hat is pre-processed to perfection—all you need to do is add the finishing touches and make them your own. HYPE's presets combine the best of Deep House, mainstream club, classic Ibiza and underground dance music, giving you a massive edge. Get your creative edge with a custom-curated selection of grooves, giving you a unique sound that stands out among the crowd.

More Powerful Than Sample Packs

Sample packs boast large claims about "number of loops"—but with HYPE, the loops are your own. Everything's in MIDI, so you can change any part of a loop if you want to make everything "lock-in." This means no more weak, flat beats. You're in full control of your beats without you ever feeling like you have to do it on your own.

Features at a glance - With 10 separate kits, 12 smart-mix presets and the phenomenal FX you need to create huge festival anthems, HYPE is the perfect tool to create driving, heavy beats that immediately compare to your favorite big dance tunes and Progressive House tracks.

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Riser - With a single knob, you control a combined highpass filter, reverb and subtle delay—perfect for creating high-impact builds without the need for multiple automation lanes. This pushes your drums into the background in a way that a simple filter never could, setting you up for a much stronger chorus or drop.


So for $69 you can have an instrument that will work with just about any DAW and dramatically speed up your workflow and creativity. Build a pattern and then make it your own with the onboard controls or beef up the drums with other techniques like layering additional bass samples, tuning, etc. If you like what Drummer tracks do in Logic Pro, then you will absolutely love what UJAM's Beatmaker HYPE can do for dance music. Will this become your go-to drum programming tool? It just might.

Genres this is good for - House, Tech House, Progressive, Commercial, Trance

Learn more about HYPE and download/purchase here

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