Producers Spotlight: Introducing Novation's Latest Groove Box - Circuit Tracks

The latest edition to the Novation groovebox family brings intuitive controls that can deliver immediate results.

The latest in Novation's Circuit family of grooveboxes has finally arrived! The Circuit Tracks builds on the DNA of the original 2015 Circuit, which caught the attention of many producers looking for out of the box tools that were both powerful and portable. Novation continues to push this ecosystem both with hardware and updated software, with more drops planned for later in the year. 

Circuit Tracks is an exciting standalone groovebox designed for the modern producer. This little bad boy features two refined polyphonic digital synth tracks, four drum tracks, expanded sequencer, creative FX, and on-the-go capabilities; it's the perfect tool for producers that want to get out of the box and create music anywhere. 

The Circuit Tracks stays true to the inspiration that comes with a screen-less workflow. No longer will you be stuck menu diving, but instead creating beats and jams on the fly. Novation has upped the ante in the groovebox category with a fast, intuitive and straightforward musical production unit. The simplicity of the interface allows producers to forget about the controls and focus on creativity.  


The Tracks velocity-sensitive pads and tactile control with customizable patches brings producers closer to their tracks. Features such as microtiming, probability, and pattern mutate allow creators to define their signature sound and keep inspired. 

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Circuit Tracks is perfect for creators and performers on the go, from studio to park to night clubs. The small form factor easily stows away into your backpack, and the rugged build can take the bump and grind of life on the road. Not near an outlet and get a brilliant idea, don't worry because the Tracks has a four hour on board rechargeable battery. You can make your next LoFi anthem in the middle of nowhere - now that's pretty DOPE.

Despite its small size, Circuit Tracks sounds massive. Two polyphonic synth engines enable creative experimentation and sonic exploration. Hundreds of artist-made presets provide the perfect jumping-off point into moulding a unique sound. What's more, samples can be loaded from a microSD card, then shaped to perfection and sequenced across the four drums tracks.

Best of all, Circuit Tracks is a not just a road warrior but a studio powerhouse. Equally at home alone or among other music machines, its full-size MIDI in, out, and thru, plus analogue sync out, complements other gear. Two MIDI sequencer tracks enable control and programming of external equipment, from drum machines to effects units. Audio inputs allow external sounds to be brought into and manipulated by Circuit Tracks. Outputs provide monitoring options for all occasions. 

As with all other Novation equipment, Circuit Tracks is supercharged by Novation's online companion, Components. Using the browser-based or standalone app, users can delve into the synth engine on-screen, create patches with custom macros, load samples, make MIDI templates, backup projects, and get new artist-made sounds. 

Circuit Tracks will be in-stores on February 12th MSRP £359 / $495

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