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Rare Vinyl From Scaramanga Silk Sells  For Record $41,095 On Discogs

Some people have too much damn money.

A new record has been broken on Discogs. A 2008 pressing of Scaramanga Silk’s track “Choose Your Weapon” has been sold for a whopping $41,095. The obscure British DJ is not the household name that one would expect to have the most expensive record ever song on Discogs, but people are weird.

Both the artist and Discogs are somewhat confused by the sale. “It is very difficult to understand why the release went for that kind of money, as I do not believe that any record is worthy of such a valuation,” said Scaramanga Silk. “The individual who made the purchase must have had some kind of special connection to the work too … It means a lot that 'Choose Your Weapon' is so special to somebody.”

This is likely the most press Scaramanga Silk has gotten in a long time and that is good because they aren’t sharing in any of the profits from this sale. The track is not available to stream online and Silk describes the track as having “elements of breakbeat, electro, and UK rave.”

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