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Serato Giving Away Free DJ Visuals For Streaming On Twitch

Serato is giving away loops, gifs and graphics that you can use to stream with for free.
Serato Free Visuals Twitch

What the visuals look like

Serato is looking to aid your live streams with free DJ visuals that you can use on Twitch. Having good visuals for a live stream is vitally important if you want people to pay attention for more then a song or two and Serato is looking to help.

They have released a Twitch extension you can add via your account, so obviously you will need an account to get this set up. There are various examples like Rococo Mansion, Nuclear Vibes, and Enchanted Forest, with static images, loops and gifs that can be loaded via OBS. You can see the visuals on the Serato website and they will update them monthly. There are different packs with city landscapes, kaleidoscopic patterns, nature and more. Here is a video with examples.

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You can add the Twitch Extension to your account via the Twitch website.

Serato Free Visuals Twitch Extension

What the Twitch extension looks like

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