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Spotlight: 5 Accessories Weed Smokers Should Have

To get the best out of your bud, you will need other accessories.
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Smoking weed is at its core a simple task -- burn the cannabis plant, inhale the smoke and feel good. However, there are many tools that allow the smoker to go from nugs of flower to consumable smoke. These can be grinders, scales, cleaning materials and storage containers, so you don’t stink up your home with the smell of quality bud. With this list, we run down some of the necessary accessories weed smokers should have around to maximize their stash.

1. A Scale

A scale may seem like something to have only if you are selling, but it is useful if you consume weed as well. If you are just packing vapes or smoking joints, it may not be as useful, but if you have a new place to buy from, it is a way to test if you are getting full value. Just as importantly, if not more, it is very important to weigh out weed for making your own edibles, which is quite easy to do at home. Instead of trying to eyeball measurements and either making weak or very strong edibles on an unknown journey to the moon, be exact in your calculations.

2. A Good Grinder

Having a good grinder is the first basic accessory you will need. Mashing up nugs with your hands or other utensils will waste bud, get messy and in the end give you a much worse smoking experience. The weed will smoke worse and you won’t get as much out of it. You need to grind it up before packing a vape or adding it to a joint. Cheap grinders don’t work as well and the blades get dull faster, so this is worth investing in.

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3. Storage

Storage can be for a few things. You will need to store your weed for the smell. This is so you can focus when living in a home and not smell weed all the time. If you live in a state where it isn’t legal to possess, this helps protect you potentially. Also if you have kids or pets, this is a line of defense to prevent them from getting into your stash easily. You can also have storage for vapes and other devices to prevent them from just sitting out in the open. This could be for legal reasons or kids / pets, but also to keep them clean and protected from getting knocked over if they are nice and expensive pieces of glassware.

4. Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your cannabis accessories clean is vital to using them long term. If you have a vape, you will need supplies that keep it unclogged so you can pull through smoke and make sure there isn’t resin build up. If you have a pen or a vape with a removable tank, make sure to clean that regularly so it doesn’t have build up. Separate out the pieces, soak them in water, and then clean them with sponges, cue tips or other cleaning supplies. For larger glassware one can find specialized cleaning water that helps get rid of the resin faster without waiting a long time, especially if you aren’t the best at cleaning diligently.

5. A Vape

While how you smoke weed is a personal choice, having a vape makes life easier. It is easier for smoking quickly and on the go. There is less smoke, less odor and is thus more discrete, which is nice when you are indoors or need to be out and about. The lack of a flame is safer indoors and you can use a packed vape more than once. It is handy to have around and an easy way to smoke, especially if you have issues with smoking joints and blunts because they feel like they burn your throat. You can grab a vape and a lot of these other accessories at a place like Haze Smoke Shop.

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