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Spotlight: 5 Reasons You Should Use A Vaporizer For Cannabis

How you smoke is a personal choice, but vaping has its advantages.
Cannabis Weed

How you smoke weed is a personal choice from pre-rolls, to rolling your own joints or blunts to intricate glassware. However, a vaporizer can be the best option for many. It allows the smoker more flexibility with smoking on the go and has less of an odor and less smoke with each puff. Smoking from a vaporizer can be more efficient and without a flame, there isn’t a chance of an accident from ash or a roach that might cause a fire. Getting the right vape is vital and it can change the way you smoke. Here are five reasons why you should consider smoking weed with a vape. Getting the right vaporizer is very important, so make sure you get something of quality via the Haze Smoke Shop

1. Fewer Odors

While vaping weed isn’t odorless, it smells a lot less than a joint or blunt. If you are looking to be discreet either outdoors or indoors, this makes a vape great to have. It isn’t a magic bullet, but the odor dissipates a lot quicker and is much less pungent from the first puff. This makes it easier to smoke indoors during the winter in an apartment building without pissing off potentially angry neighbors.

2. Less Smoke

Like the idea of less odor, less smoke is generally a good thing. Vaping means less smoke, which means less potential damage to your lungs and body. It also means there is less smoke indoors, which can set off a smoke detector or seep into the furniture. Sitting in a room full of smoke can be tough on the eyes as well, which is harder for people with allergies to smoke.

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3. More Efficient Use Of Bud

Using a vaporizer is a more efficient way to smoke weed. You can often get multiple sessions with a single pack and already combusted weed can be used for edibles or tea. You can control the temperature on the vaporizer, which gives you more control over the duration of the bud. When smoking a joint, the weed will turn to ash and you can be at the mercy of someone's rolling skills. 

4. Easier to Use On The Go

Not all vapes are super easy to take on the go, but many are very convenient. Pre-rolls are easy to smoke, but you deal with the smell and smoke if you need to be discreet. Vapes you don’t have to roll, you just turn them on and smoke. Make sure the battery is charged and they are easier to take with you. If small enough, they can be stashed deep into bags and purses to take into concert spaces (though obviously we can’t encourage that behavior) without a smelly joint being detected.

5. Reduces Risk of Fire

This may seem like an odd thing to focus on, but it is somewhat important. According to a report published by the BBC in 2011, almost one third of all fatalities by fire in the UK from 2008 to 2011 were as a result of cigarettes. While you may not be smoking cigarettes, having a lit joint or blunt does have the same potential danger, especially if you take an impromptu nap. Vapes don’t have flames or fires, so that isn’t a worry at all. 

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