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UK Nightclubs Could Open On June 21 At The Earliest If All Goes To Plan

Everything has been a disaster so far in the UK, so hopefully this time it isn't.


There may be hope yet for nightlife in the UK. The government has laid out a roadmap for businesses coming back in 2021 from the pandemic, which includes pubs, barbers, businesses, nightlife and music. To give this a little more focus, we will look at the potential opening for nightclubs on June 21, at the earliest.

First, it is very nice of the government to choose my birthday as the day for a potential club opening. Second, it is also very important that this roadmap is flexible and can be changed depending on the number of cases, vaccination rates, hospitalizations and more. If there are more big outbreaks, don’t expect to be stepping into a club in June.

There will be four phases and it gets to hospitality and nightlife in phase two.

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Phase 1 - March 8 & 29: 

Limited outdoor gatherings and slightly larger mixing of households.

Phase 2 - April 12: 

Non-essential businesses will open in this phase. Pubs and restaurants will be able to serve outdoors in small groups and there won’t be a curfew this time. Barbers will potentially open in April, so get those tech house cuts lined up so you can look like Phil Foden before you step back in the club.

Phase 3 - May 17: 

Larger groups will be able to meet outdoors, plus people can eat at restaurants indoors with people able to go see sporting events in a limited capacity.

Phase 4 - June 21: 

This is the big one. From June 21 at the earliest, all legal limits on social contact would be hopefully removed and people can party again. Nightclubs would be able to open back up. The government will carry out reviews of large outdoor events like music festivals in the lead up to step 4 according to CNN. Whether or not this all happens remains to be seen. Things will need to go well with the first three phases, but there may be some hope? Then you have to trust everyone not to mess this up. 

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