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Vans Launches A/V Livestream Broadcast With Music, Talks, Workshops: Channel 66

Vans has launched a new audio and visual live streaming site Channel 66 with four locations -- Brooklyn, Chicago, Mexico City and LA.
Vans Channel 66 Chicago

Chicago Location

Vans has launched a new digital livestream network Channel 66 that will be hosted in four locations in four cities in the US and Mexico. The studio locations will be in The General in Brooklyn, NY, House of Vans Chicago, Mexico City (broadcasting Spanish speaking shows), and Vans DTLA.

Vans Channel 66 New York Location

Brooklyn Location

Channel 66 offers a live audio and video broadcast featuring DJ sets, curated radio shows, talks, workshops, and musical performances across music, art, action sports and community.

It is currently live now and will cover a wide range of musical and cultural topics. There will be things like Chessboxing with GZA, New Direction New York Hardcore show with Walter Schreifels, Afropunk’s Channel Interference, Poetry and lyricism by Young Chicago Authors, The Girl Ultra Show connecting music and fashion, and All Ages Show spotlighting Los Angeles’s rich heritage in DIY and punk.

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Vans Channel 66 DTLA Location

DTLA Location

Early guests will include Japanese Breakfast, Channel Tres, Vic Mensa, Laura Jane Grace, Duckwrth, Rosa Pistola, Flea, Serena Isioma and Pro skater Daniel Lutheran.

The broadcast will kick off at 11am EST / 8am PST each day and Friday nights will have live performances and dance-oriented DJ sets. You can see the schedule on the Channel 66 website.

Vans Channel 66 Mexico

Mexico Location

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