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Weedsday Playlist: Limone Creative Founder Bianca Monica Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play on this week's Weedsday playlist.
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Limone Creative Founder Bianca Monica

Bianca Monica

Hailing from luxury lifestyle and guides publication UrbanDaddy, Bianca Monica launched Limone in New York as a social media agency for hospitality brands in 2016. There she landed some of her first few top-tier clients: Turnstyle, The Plaza Hotel and Chelsea Market.

Fast forward to 2018, Monica embarked on a new adventure to the West Coast to understand the cannabis industry from the ground up where she spearheaded events for brands like Miss Grass, Canndescent, Sunday Goods and social, partnerships and branding for Henry's Original, Flor de Maria, Tonic, Poplar, Bardo Labs and many more.

During quarantine Monica launched a digital campfire called Sesh-Ins with Art & Times of Chill where people from all over the world tune in to learn diversity, inclusivity and allyship. Monica also serves as a part of the leadership team for Cannabis For Black Lives, a coalition dedicated to support Black led organizations and communities through a commitment to corporate hiring & company culture, amplification of Black voices, and financial support with ongoing accountability measures.

We asked her to do a Weedsday playlist for us and she delivered with tunes by Bob Dylan, Caroline Polachek, Bruce Springsteen and more.

1. Washington - Move You

I always play this song at the end of my workouts. Sometimes more than once. It's so hard to find music that makes me feel something these days and I just love Washington's entire album, Batflowers. When I play this song, I let go. It lets my body move in a way that lets out all my frustrations and feels. Movement and cannabis are two of the most important combos that help with my creativity.

2. Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue

Blood On The Tracks is my favorite record to play on a Saturday morning with a hot cup of coffee and a joint in hand. During COVID my partner and I moved up to a little town called Idyllwild, nestled between Palm Springs and Los Angeles. Every weekend we play our very small but curated record collection with the windows open, mountain breeze rolling through and playing “Tangled Up In Blue.” I think anything Bob Dylan is suitable for a wake and bake.

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3. Bruce Springsteen - Jersey Girl

I grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen and driving to the Jersey Shore. Springsteen has been on heavy rotation for my entire life, but especially since I've moved to California. I love to reminisce about my life on the East Coast and this song always makes me feel at home, and reminds me where I came from.

4. Caroline Polachek - So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings

I fucking love this song. It's what pop music should sound like. I love smoking a joint and failing at trying to recreate Caroline's moves from the music video. She is such a babe. Remember the band Chairlift? That's her. The album Pang is one I listen to often.

5. Bianca Monica - Feel Me Up

I mean, how could I not? I haven't come out with music in four-years but this one still feels relevant. I wrote it one day in my New York apartment in NoLita about living in the moment and feeling free. Writing music and weed are the only two things that make me feel that way. I've been incorporating more cannabis into my songwriting practice and I can't wait to come out with more music. I feel like when people work with me and Limone, they're not just hiring a consultant, they're working with artists.

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