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Weedsday Playlist: Lit & Lucid Co-Hosts Lucy & Jarrod Share 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play on this week's Weedsday playlist.
Lit & Lucid Lucy & Jarrod

Lit & Lucid Lucy & Jarrod smoking one

Lucy aka “Lit” and Jarrod aka “Lucid” are the Co-Hosts of the Lit & Lucid Podcast Series in Littleton, CO. This podcast aims to educate the consumer on various cannabis laws and regulations as well as best practices in order to be a conscious cannabis consumer.

They focus on business professionals and entrepreneurs in the industry looking at their products, as well as offer insight into various complex industry issues from regulatory to legislative concerns.

With that connection to audio, we asked them to the make us a Weedsday playlist with selections by Mac Miller, Dead & Co, Wiz Khalifa and more.

1. Iration - Contact High

This song was literally just released and it became an instant favorite of ours. Talk about a classic in the making! Iration is one of our favorite bands to listen to whether we are in the car or enjoying those mellow tones at Red Rocks, they are truly one of our favorites! Being Lit & Lucid we kind of feel like “Contact High” speaks right to us because let’s face it whenever you are around us you may indeed get contact high :) Give the new Iration album, COASTIN’ a listen, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

2. Dead & CO - Fire on the Mountain

We’ll admit we weren’t hardcore Deadheads until we experienced our first Dead & Company show in Boulder last summer. Watching the fiery sunset come down over the mountains at Folsom Field on a hot July night listening to John Mayer, Bob Weir and the band play “Fire on the Mountain” was one experience we’ll never forget. If we are looking to bring ourselves back to simpler times and just let the good times roll the chill beats of Dead & Co. is our classic go-to.

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3. Wiz Khalifa, Lucy Pick - This Plane

2009 Wiz takes me back to my early stoner days, when I was finishing out college barely dabbling in cannabis. Wiz’s persona and straight forward lyrics of not caring about what others think helped me ramp up my own confidence to jump into the real world living on my own in D.C. Any time I’m looking to throw it back to those early days of adulting where life was much more carefree young-Wiz is where it’s at. As Wiz said, and a quote I always try to live my life by “While you’re busy trying to fit in, I'ma stand out.”

4. Stick Figure, Jarrod Pick - Heartland

Back when I was a sales manager for a legal cannabis cultivation, I would spend a ton of time on the road and a lot of that time was in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with no service. Bummer right!? Well I had this Stick Figure CD in my car and I ended up playing that CD to death, but I ended up falling in love with Stick Figure in the process. Their music has a way of bringing me back to center and this song always sticks with me and brings me back to that comfort zone.

5. Mac Miller - Self Care

This song is tough… It still gives me a bubble in my throat every time I listen. Losing Mac in late 2018, just 7 months after Lucy and I started Lit & Lucid was rough. But this song preaches self care, something that Lucy and I both are strong advocates for and what we feel cannabis and other plant medicine can help people with. So this song is our reminder that our work is just getting started and self care is still something that needs to be discussed and practiced daily. We hope that through our podcast and advocacy of plant medicine that others too can realize the benefits that these natural alternatives have to offer and will help to steer others down a different path than Mac. RIP!

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